The thought process


The most important aspects of good design for me are personality, clarity and the facility to evolve intelligently.


The quality that makes a human connection possible. Design exists to make the world better. It is by people for people and therefore should naturally contain a spirit of those behind it. As a designer, it is my responsibility to bring out the spirit of the client in the work. This gives the work its authenticity.


Always be clear. There is nothing to be gained by being ambiguous about intent. Design is about helping achieve something that is important to your client and helpful to others.There is no reason for allowing an aesthetic choice to take priority over clarity. You can incorporate multiple levels of messaging, but the main one has to be clear.

Intelligent Evolution

Good design, like good bone structure, ages well. If you have strong foundations you can build anything, develop in any direction and adapt to any situation.

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The few examples on this page touch on various design projects I have worked on, from invitations to identities. Some feature in the case studies (practical examples) where you will find their thought process and development.




Design at a glance



Arno Menu chickchat WayViewFinder
Future T-shirt Flavrz Bottle Label eWaste T-shirt
Team Player Board Game Acts Rubiks Valentine's Day Poster
Web Catalogue Buttons Wedding Invitation USPowerGen Logo
Mythology Olympics Logo WhiteNoise Logo  


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