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How This Website Works – - 2011

Navigation Tips IMPORTANT: Note that if you are on a smart phone or an iPad this blog works best when the device is upright rather than landscape, and you will …

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What should a designer be? - 2011

  Which of these qualities are most important to you, when describing the ideal designer to work with? Perhaps there are other qualities you think are even more important?

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SMILE - 2011

AUGUST 2011 A TEKSERVE Trade-In campaign. “SMILE and turn old and sad into shiny and new.” A feel good friendly poster encouraging a positive action that avoids waste. The sooner …

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WHITE - 2011

I recently took my two children to see a show for 2-4 year olds called WHITE. It was performed a Scottish theatre company called CATHERINE WHEELS. It was so delightful, …

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The Distance From Logo to Brand - 2012

What is the difference? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Logo, a Corporate Identity and the Brand? Or how far one goes to transition from one …

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Outsource or Resource? - 2012

Cheap Design – Who Cares? I have been asked this question: “What is the difference between my having my logo designed online for $50 (or brochure for $150) or coming …

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What exactly is “design” ? - 2012

For me, Design is a way of thinking. It is natural and intuitive, and runs so deep it has become my way of life, permeating everything I do. I define …

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Keeping your wits about you - 2012

Design requires intelligence, empathy, intuition, imagination and wit. So why does a good designer need wit? Apart from being much more fun to work with, having wit at your creative disposal …

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Protected: Merricat’s 2011-2012 Journal full-color flipbook - 2012

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Testing the Unconscious Communications of your Website - 2012

Where The Power Lies. Have you ever wondered what the first impression of your website is? Given any thought to how important it is? Considered how much your website’s look …

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Inspired education - 2012

  Ken Robinson   Inspired by this piece by Ken Robinson, and also by my mother, who studied teaching under the Brazilian art educator, Augusto Rodrigues. Augusto Rodrigues founded the …

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Modular Fitness - 2012

Jana got in touch after hearing about me from a friend. She needed a logo and a video membership website. She got a Corporate Identity, Titles and video direction, modular …

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Together Let’s Stop Traffick - 2012

A collaborative design for a collaborative weapon. I invented the name and designed the graphic for the November Summit on Combatting Human Trafficking in January, 2012. The original intention was …

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Hats Off to Cameleons - 2012

One hat + one extraordinary actor + a story to tell One logo + one extraordinary designer + a story to tell It’s simple when you think about it. You …

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Make IT Happen - 2012

The challenge of this project was to design a logo that communicated the ease of a process. The process was the application for funding for IT development. I created this …

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When I worked at the studio, Philadelphia Museum approached us to put on a n exhibition of Milton’s work. When the exhibit was launched, Milton delivered a speech entitiled “Ten …

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A Fish in Water… Doesn’t Know it’s in Water - 2012

It is practically impossible step far enough back from your business to get a perspective that is clear and uncluttered by the details of everyday running it. Even further is …

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Casting Your A-Team - 2012

As a business leader your top team is crucial to the success of your vision for the company. You have reached the top because you have recognized that you don’t …

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White Noise - 2012

White Noise is an audience research project for the Visual Arts individuals, oraganisations and venues in Glasgow. A collaboration intended to define and increase audiences for the sector. Designed and managed …

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Velocity with Skype - 2012

Most designers don’t like to have someone looking over their shoulder watching them work. At the beginning of a project particularly, its rather like having a back seat driver while …

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Global, Green, and Design Friendly - 2012

Smaller Footprints, Longer Reach Thanks to Skype it is now possible to expand my studio around the world, be more green, and build working relationships with anyone, no mater how …

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VIEW FROM HERE is a groundbreaking engagement and public participation project. Seeking to draw genuine, direct feedback and input from the people who live in the areas that are being …

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Visualizing Data - 2012

A hot new area. Frequently handled with elaborate, multi-dimensional renderings that leave the viewer more overwhelmed that the original data did. The most important thing to me is to make …

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Working Backwards / Getting Results - 2012

If you want results, make sure that there is where you start from. Yes, I am talking about the end result(s). So, yes, that means working backwards. The next important …

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The International Police Training Institute - 2012

March 13, 2012 10:04:42 AM EDT   Katja: While I know from experience the technological challenges associated with the development of a website, this challenge normally pales against the challenge …

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TIme is precious, but so is your body - 2012

“Time is precious, but so is your body”  sounds a little awkward, but it genuinely sums up the what was important about this website. Jana gave up her successful corporate …

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The Power of Reality - 2012

I  knew that the image that would best represent hate crime (internationally) would center around a Swastika tattoo. The symbol is recognized everywhere around the world and instantly associated with …

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How many words equal trust? - 2012

Think for a moment about things that have lots of words. Now exclude books and novels. Now what is left?  Of these, how much do you trust the organisation behind …

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What makes you smile about your home town? - 2012

I came across this image the other day. It is the statue of the Duke of Wellington outside of the Museum of Modern Art in Glasgow. Long before the museum …

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What or who is the end-user? - 2012

Well, it depends on where you are coming from. I was wondering about the difference between marketing and design. I went online to see what others thought about it. I …

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A Warning to All Spambots - 2012

I can’t tell you how absolutely thrilled I was, this past Sunday, when I got my first real comment (from a real person) on one of my blog posts. The …

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The True Value of Energy - 2012

In Physics you learn that energy never dies, that it just changes form. The same is taught in Buddhism. From the essay “Mentors” in Art is Work by Milton Glaser, …

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The DNA of Design - 2012

How does design work? For me it’s a little like building blocks. Each piece I create builds on what came before. Which is why I give such careful thought to …

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The first impression is an unconscious one - 2012

If your audience is human then it is reasonable to expect them to respond to things in an instinctively human way. How do humans respond? What do they react to? …

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Show me your zipcode and they’ll tell me who you are, - 2012

what you do, what you like, what interests you… and much more… On a Scottish research project that I am working on with Culture Sparks, called The Source, for the …

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Are you Q-RIOUS? - 2012

If you are curious about what else I might write, but perhaps don’t always have tine to visit the website, you can … Subscribe to my occasional newsletter

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What if it’s all smoke and mirrors? - 2012

When I had lunch with Milton Glaser last week we talked about his sadness for our profession at a time when you could crowd souce design on the internet, for …

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Fundraising Fundamentals - 2012

I was privileged to have the opportunity to work with a great, strategic fundraiser, James Tysoe early in my career. Sadly James died a few years ago. In my research …

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Amazing Scot’s Journies - 2013

Danny MacAskill – “Way Back Home” David Eustace – Finding Eustace (showing just a few highlights – the full, breathtaking journey can be seen on David’s website CLICK HERE

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When there are too many chefs - 2013

My colleague once asked me “You’ve heard of the horse designed by committee haven’t you?” she winked and continued “It’s a camel of course” I smiled and thought to myself …

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How the Summit will work. The idea of jigsaw pieces fitting together to create “the big picture” is also indicative of the larger goal of the Summit. I have already …

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Nicholas K FW 2014

New York Fashion Week FW2014 – Nicholas K - 2014


Sweet Economy - 2014

It was about three years ago I purchased a couple of these 1 Million dollar note chocolate bars to entertain my kids. I thought I had found the same thing …

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The New Snowman - 2014

I realised the other day when I was creating some covers for my local schools winter performance videos that snowmen have changed forever. Since FROZEN took the world by storm, …

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KATYA ZOL - 2014

Photographs from New York Fashion Week. KATJA ZOL show began with an amazing acrobat.

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Katya ZOL - 2014