The thought process

This was going to be a challenging meeting. The downturn in the economy had impacted and the company was going to need debt restructuring.

I believe in the power of visual communication in its broadest sense and this is an example of where that belief played a critical role. Every little detail was going to work for or against the success of the meeting. The venue, the signage, the catering, the materials and the presentation, the ease of access, the clarity of the visuals.

First, I worked with the legal team, headed by David Sheffey, visiting six possible conference facilities before the team decided on Kirkland Ellis' conference facility as the most suitable location.

Then I began work on the graphics and meeting materials with a financial, strategic and corporate team. The materials had to be impeccable. Flawless, restrained, assured, confident and clear. No frills, just exactly what was required to do the job right. I remembered Milton's retort to "Less is more." "No - just enough is just right." It wasn't about sparseness or minimalism, but about confidence and setting the tone just right to convey that the leadership knew what they are doing, had thought of everything, and that their proposal was exactly right.

Wayfinding signage - simple and clear.

signTemporary directional sign






The Term Sheet constitued a legal document, and complimented the presentation so I matched the cover designs. Internally, the layout was different. Clarity and ease of navigation the intent. The Term Sheet pages were divided in half – the left side, the heading of each section, the right half, the legal terms. As a result, you could quickly skim down the left to find what you were looking for.

term sheeetTerm Sheet

term sheetTerm Sheet pages

The presentation deck sections were kept simple and clear.


The section dividers were the only places where images of the plants were used.



The palette of colors was navy blue and grey, with muted or pale colors and the occasional dark red accent to call attention to something.






























What the client said:

The success of the meeting convinced the new CEO that I was worth my entire year's fees for this work alone.



Boston Generating

First Lien Lenders Meeting

The brief: Help make a shareholders meeting run flawlessly.

Kirland Ellis conferencee facility

Elevated, open, and spacious with great pull out meeting rooms to accommodate the special committee meeting as well as the large conference room which had four presentation screens and good sound.


Greeting desk
Ground floor greeting desk

table 2
43rd floor greeting and badge desk


Vice Presidents and legal counsel

The Presentation document

Internal pages




Section dividers



Charts and graphs

The CEO, Mark Sudbey, speaking at the meeting




Graphs and charts


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