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The Distance From Logo to Brand

What is the difference? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Logo, a Corporate Identity and the Brand? Or how far one goes to transition from one to the other?

Here’s some brief definitions that I use that might shed light.


The Logo:  the identifying mark in its simplest form. Clear, distinctive and only concerned with conveying the essence of the company.

The Corporate Identity: the visual style and strategic approach to all communicative materials, printed, electronic and dimensional. Together these serve to position the company, communicate its personality, and differentiate it from others. Consistency in the approach will reflect the spirit and the values of the business as a whole, and should smoothly extend and develop as the organization grows.

The Brand: the audiences’ perception of the organization. It can be supported, and guided by a combination of the corporate identity and the communications (marketing & PR) strategy, but ultimately is driven by the audiences’ personal experiences of the products and services offered and how the business behaves as a whole. Cumulatively, all of these create the basis for word of mouth, and the establishment of reputation.



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