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Show me your zipcode and they’ll tell me who you are,

what you do, what you like, what interests you… and much more…

On a Scottish research project that I am working on with Culture Sparks, called The Source, for the Performing Arts and Venues of Scotland, I learned just how much you can be profiled by the six to seven numbers and letters that identify where you live – your zipcode (postcode if you are in the UK).

The population profiling, called MOSAIC, is provided by Experion and is surprisingly accurate. Who would have thought this was possible!

The audience intelligence part of the project combines readily available data with box office ticketing data and combines everything to inform the performing arts venues and organisations about their reach, their audience profile, their audience likes and dislikes, where they live how far they will travel, what revenue they generate, what potential revenue remains untapped, what performances generate the highest income relative to their frequency, and more…

The project will be published shorty, when it is, I can discuss the findings in much more detail.

For now this is a work in progress – just like the three-part, 400 odd page research report.

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Meanwhile, click to watch a fascinating Webinar on MINING BIG DATA by the Harvard Business Review

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