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A Warning to All Spambots

I can’t tell you how absolutely thrilled I was, this past Sunday, when I got my first real comment (from a real person) on one of my blog posts. The post titled: Marketing vs. Design / What or Who is the End-user?  was the first post to receive a legit comment. –— Dianne, I know you commented on White – but your are a pal – and not that you don’t count, just that Richard Thompson and I have never met and so I was genuinely bowled over to receive his comment.

I have received about eighty spam comments.

Spambots – please be warned – I will not approve any randomly generated comments – even if they are really funny. I do not care about lots of links to my blog, high traffic or volume of comments. I will not put my readership (all five of them) through misleading endorsements of diet pills, cheap designer shoes, handbags etc.. etc.. or anything else. ;-)

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