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What makes you smile about your home town?

I came across this image the other day. It is the statue of the Duke of Wellington outside of the Museum of Modern Art in Glasgow. Long before the museum opened, somebody took it upon himself to climb up and put a traffic cone on the Duke’s head late one Friday night. Thereafter, every week, the police would take it down and then the following Friday, it would find itself back up on the head. I don’t know who is responsible, and after more than twenty five years I hope I never do. I just smile as does everyone else, when we see it.


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Many years ago, when I had barely graduated out of art school, I designed a fund-raising board game – The Glasgow Game – for the Glasgow YMCA. The game was based on Monopoly and franchised to YMCAs throughout Europe as “The City Game”  I decided not to use the template and to design the surface of the whole game for Glasgow specifically. The YMCA Glasgow press officer, Katrina Izat, and I raised all the sponsorship. This was done by selling the squares on the board to local businesses. Instead of Pall Mall and Regency Street you landed on Celtic Football Club, Rogano’s or Sprint Print, we wrote all the chance cards and loved every minute of the project. The center of the board was occupied by a typographic collage surrounded by line drawings of my favorite architecture from around the city. If you look closely you will find the statue of the Duke of Wellington with a cone on his head.

If you want to see it CLICK HERE (I just stumbled on this Hidden Glasgow Forum) Its funny to hear what people think so many years on…

At the time I designed the game it was owned by TriaAktiv, a Norwegian company. The rights were then purchased by Ricken A/S of Denmark, who also produced it.

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