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The DNA of Design

How does design work?

For me it’s a little like building blocks. Each piece I create builds on what came before. Which is why I give such careful thought to the first block. The first block more often than not being the logo – or as it is now referred to as – the brand mark.

When you are highly skilled at anything, a sport, an instrument, physics, mathematics, business, etc.. it is easy to look at and understand a great deal from just a small part. An experienced golfer can watch someone hit a couple of balls and have pretty good understanding of what they are capable of and whether or not they are a pro. An artist can look at a painting and feel the underlying tension and understand what the artist was thinking. In every field your assessments and judgements are informed and expanded by the depth of your experience.

In graphic design if all that mattered was that a piece looked neat and tidy, features the logo, uses the right corporate colors and fonts – anyone could do it. Really – anyone with a little experience in word-processing and a bit of discipline.

But, if you want your website, your presentations, your collateral, your reporting, your newsletters, your advertising, your packaging, your intranet etc etc etc… and all the things that you haven’t thought of yet from business development ideas to corporate responsibility initiatives to connect and build on one another to convey an overall vision of the company… then your design needs to have the same DNA.



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