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TIme is precious, but so is your body

“Time is precious, but so is your body” ¬†sounds a little awkward, but it genuinely sums up the what was important about this website.

Jana gave up her successful corporate life to pursue her passion – promoting health and fitness through Pilates.

Through her new website she addresses all the reasons the prohibit so many of us from taking care of our body:

I’m too busy, I don’t have time.

I travel too much.

My schedule is unpredictable.

I don’t want to go to a public class.

I can’t afford a personal trainer.

I only want to work on certain parts of my body.

I love sports more and just want to avoid injury or strain

I need something I can do at my desk.


If any of these fit you – I highly recommend joining up and trying out this brilliant fitness website. Or, if you already have a fitness regime, but know someone who doesn’t – then tell them about it. CoreFitnessbyJana is accessible anywhere, anytime, 24/7. Her short, modular videos fit together or work on their own. You can design your ideal workout by combining them any way you like, focusing on your body’s needs and fitted neatly into your available time.

The videos have a attractive minimalist style, they are very clear and easy to follow. Jana’s teaching style is straight forward, informed and engaging. The one day membership only costs $5, and if you need more time to decide, the monthly membership offers the the whole first month for FREE.

Please help me help Jana help as many people as possible, by trying and telling people you care for about this resource.

Thank you.



Time is precious. Your life on Earth is finite, so live it like you know this.

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