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The International Police Training Institute

March 13, 2012 10:04:42 AM EDT


Katja: While I know from experience the technological challenges associated with the development of a website, this challenge normally pales against the challenge of getting the content, look and feel of the site right.  Sometimes that’s not what the client says, but rather what they feel.  Sometimes those needs are difficult to articulate and designers are left to their best judgment, experience and knowledge, which is always a “tricky” undertaking.

You have displayed, through this website, not only a clear understanding of our goals and objectives, but more importantly it displays the tone, flavor and image that I was looking for, and I believe the entire team would agree.

As Pam is fond of saying, this web site and creative material allow us to “punch above our weight”, projecting a global and professional image that I believe the entire team is worthy of, but is difficult to achieve.

I wanted to extend to you my thanks and gratitude for the tremendous effort, your ability to integrate ideas, languages and policing culture into this web site.  You have far surpassed my hope and vision.

Many, many thanks.

James Brown.

Executive Director, The IPTI


Visit the International Police Training Institute website.

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