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Visualizing Data

A hot new area. Frequently handled with elaborate, multi-dimensional renderings that leave the viewer more overwhelmed that the original data did. The most important thing to me is to make the information clear, so the first step is understanding it. Then I consider how I can make it visually engaging. The combination of these move you towards retaining the integrity and conveying the power (usefulness) of the information without trivializing it – after all, that is the intent of gathering the data in the first place.

From the 2012 Culture Sparks Annual Report.

Where around Aberdeen do most families with children live?

Which radio stations does the Scottish Symphony Orchestra’s audience listen to most?

How old is the contemporary dance audience?

I found this study fascinating because it showed that the audience for contemporary dance changes dramatically (by age) from country to country. Scottish and German audiences are similar, the Swedish audience is older and the Icelandic and Norwegian are much younger.


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