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Global, Green, and Design Friendly

Smaller Footprints, Longer Reach

Thanks to Skype it is now possible to expand my studio around the world, be more green, and build working relationships with anyone, no mater how remotely we are located.

You too can have what you want when you want it. You can work with anyone, anywhere and not be limited by local resources.

Now, I am not talking about out-sourcing. That is not what this enables. No. I mean you can have the best people, or teams, work on your projects regardless of where they are. And, it will feel like they are in the room next door. You will feel like you have a window in your wall, through which you can see them and work with them – even if in reality, you are a thousand miles apart. How cool is that!

Still not convinced?

Good business is built upon relationships. Building strong relationships involves time. Time is limited. The electronic age has speeded things up. Short emails have replaced formal letter writing. Everyone is very busy. The beauty of Skpye is it allows efficient use of time. You can be in each other’s company – in person – as briefly as needed.  There is no time wasted on travelling or indeed in anything other than getting straight to the point (much like email) only better because you are face to face – which is a heightened experience and allows you to read/understand each other more responsively. You can address issues immediately and solve problems quicker by talking them through rather than finding ways to explain them in an email, which no matter how good a writer you are is still open to wider interpretation than direct conversation. You no longer have to wait for everyone’s calendars to align, you can meet and discuss projects even if everyone is located in different parts of the globe.

Closing the distance between business and creative has to be better for business. More open, honest and direct communication, greater insight and stronger relationships.

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