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White Noise

White Noise is an audience research project for the Visual Arts individuals, oraganisations and venues in Glasgow. A collaboration intended to define and increase audiences for the sector. Designed and managed by Culture Sparks and supported by Creative Scotland.

This project is about taking an in depth look at the people looking at the visual arts. So, I couldn’t resist designing a logo that stares right back at you – assuming the perspective of the art and looking directly at the viewer.

The project has two phases. The first is research and second aims to develop innovative actions to take informed/inspired by the findings. I represented these two stages by adding the dimension of right and left-brained activity – represented visually by different colored irises. The twitter icon used for the research stage is the left (green) eye for logical / analytical processes and the Twitter icon for the second part, the creative part, uses the right (red) eye. This way when they transition to phase 2 they can switch the icons and signal to their audience that something different (something creative) is going on now.



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