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Casting Your A-Team

As a business leader your top team is crucial to the success of your vision for the company. You have reached the top because you have recognized that you don’t have to do everything and that inspiring others, who bring different skills and experiences to the table, to do their best – gets real results.

The same applies to your top creative team. An A team that consists of individuals who excel within their different fields, bring out the best in each other and have a drive that makes sure the best possible results are achieved time and again. Only problem is, having an internal team of the calibre of my team of associates is as impossible as it is impractical. The solution to the problem lies in our independence which is one of our key strengths.

Passion is another. How does passion translate in business terms? In the 2012 Oscars, the presenter for best direction described a director as someone who “does everything imaginable to realize a singular vision.”  This statement is true of everyone in my creative team which becomes your creative A team when you need us. This passion is what our clients count on more than anything because it guarantees results. If you are wondering about who is in the team…

Here’s my gang of exceptional talent

David Eustace – Visionary Photographer and DOP

Julie Tait – Innovative Audience Research, Engagement and Development

Pamela Bailey – Dynamic Communications & Marketing Strategist and Compelling writer

Isabel Afonso – Language Translation and AV studio

Kayla Stuhr – Extraordinary Illustrator and Animator – young – but maturely talented.

Milton Glaser – Mentor

(and finally there’s me) Katja Maas –  Intuitive, insightful and intelligent.
A Strategic Creative, Designer and Planner
with extensive Brand development and communications skills.


With this team, I bring a unique creative resource with an ideal balance of talent, experience and conviction.

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