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Make IT Happen

The challenge of this project was to design a logo that communicated the ease of a process. The process was the application for funding for IT development. I created this highly memorable and engaging identity almost immediately. It was so strong and fitted so well I decided not to pursue any other options. I knew there would be nothing that I could come up with that would encompass everything so comprehensively. The logo met all the criteria and then some. It was engaging, it was memorable, it was friendly, it emphasized IT. It was strong enough to stand alone and yet reflected the branding style of the parent organisation (Amb:IT:ion Scotland) and worked seamlessly as a sub-brand. It made a great T-shirt and created media/press opportunities. Over and above all of these, the design not only visually conveyed the spirit of the process but also alluded to the desired outcome of the project.

So, before presenting it, I spent my time exploring the application and extension of the design into promotional language, web user interfaces, and application process guidelines. By working all this out in advance meant that the client could share the confidence I had in the mark. Unusual as it was for my client to be presented with one rather than three logo options, this approach shifted the focus from “what color or shape do I like” to a comprehensive preview of the big picture in advance. My client was protected from making a choice based on best guess or personal taste and guided towards a fully informed decision.

The animation also worked similarly.  The brief for the animated promotional ad arrived with just over a week to the launch to go. There was no script and the brief was filled with a very ambitious set of stylistic requests that required a team and involved a big production.  I presented my solution (copywritten and storyboarded and cost conscious) for what I felt would achieve their goal, overnight (next day from receiving the brief). My fast response put my client in the generous position of having enough time to go elsewhere if they wanted to spend the money on a different approach more in lines with what was outlined in their brief. Fortunately for us both they went for my ad.


Creative Direction & Copywriting: Katja Maas

Animation : Kayla Stuhr

Music : Toni Menage (Live Band)

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