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Together Let’s Stop Traffick

A collaborative design for a collaborative weapon. I invented the name and designed the graphic for the November Summit on Combatting Human Trafficking in January, 2012. The original intention was to create something that could not only visually represent the summit’s goal, but also be a vehicle for fundraising.

The inspiration for the graphic came from a combination of an international symbol for “STOP” (a flat facing hand), international color for “STOP TRAFFIC” (red) and a moving illustration for Affirmative Action by Mirko Ilic (for the New York Book Review). The inspiration for the words came out of a desire to create something that people of all ages and interests could wear to make a statement and thus create media opportunities.



Mirko Ilic is a designer I have always admired. It was so great to finally collaborate with him.

The concept was presented as follows:

(Fashion Statement Slide Show)


The website for the summit is







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