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The New Snowman

I realised the other day when I was creating some covers for my local schools winter performance videos that snowmen have changed forever. Since FROZEN took the world by storm, …

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Sweet Economy

It was about three years ago I purchased a couple of these 1 Million dollar note chocolate bars to entertain my kids. I thought I had found the same thing …

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How the Summit will work. The idea of jigsaw pieces fitting together to create “the big picture” is also indicative of the larger goal of the Summit. I have already …

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When there are too many chefs

My colleague once asked me “You’ve heard of the horse designed by committee haven’t you?” she winked and continued “It’s a camel of course” I smiled and thought to myself …

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Amazing Scot’s Journies

Danny MacAskill – “Way Back Home” David Eustace – Finding Eustace (showing just a few highlights – the full, breathtaking journey can be seen on David’s website CLICK HERE

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Fundraising Fundamentals

I was privileged to have the opportunity to work with a great, strategic fundraiser, James Tysoe early in my career. Sadly James died a few years ago. In my research …

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What if it’s all smoke and mirrors?

When I had lunch with Milton Glaser last week we talked about his sadness for our profession at a time when you could crowd souce design on the internet, for …

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Are you Q-RIOUS?

If you are curious about what else I might write, but perhaps don’t always have tine to visit the website, you can … Subscribe to my occasional newsletter

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Show me your zipcode and they’ll tell me who you are,

what you do, what you like, what interests you… and much more… On a Scottish research project that I am working on with Culture Sparks, called The Source, for the …

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The first impression is an unconscious one

If your audience is human then it is reasonable to expect them to respond to things in an instinctively human way. How do humans respond? What do they react to? …

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