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Katya ZOL

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Photographs from New York Fashion Week. KATJA ZOL show began with an amazing acrobat.

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Nicholas K FW 2014

New York Fashion Week FW2014 – Nicholas K

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How the Summit will work. The idea of jigsaw pieces fitting together to create “the big picture” is also indicative of the larger goal of the Summit. I have already …

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Show me your zipcode and they’ll tell me who you are,

what you do, what you like, what interests you… and much more… On a Scottish research project that I am working on with Culture Sparks, called The Source, for the …

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The Power of Reality

I ¬†knew that the image that would best represent hate crime (internationally) would center around a Swastika tattoo. The symbol is recognized everywhere around the world and instantly associated with …

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TIme is precious, but so is your body

“Time is precious, but so is your body” ¬†sounds a little awkward, but it genuinely sums up the what was important about this website. Jana gave up her successful corporate …

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The International Police Training Institute

March 13, 2012 10:04:42 AM EDT   Katja: While I know from experience the technological challenges associated with the development of a website, this challenge normally pales against the challenge …

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Visualizing Data

A hot new area. Frequently handled with elaborate, multi-dimensional renderings that leave the viewer more overwhelmed that the original data did. The most important thing to me is to make …

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VIEW FROM HERE is a groundbreaking engagement and public participation project. Seeking to draw genuine, direct feedback and input from the people who live in the areas that are being …

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